A Letter

Hi Friends,

As you might know that today I have joined Goldman Sachs and thus would like to thank you all at this moment for all your support extended during last 6 months and creating such an excellent and unique environment which I always enjoyed.

Joining Enable India and working here has been a turning point of my life and will always inspire me forever to work toward the empowerment of PWD.  According to my view this is one of the best N.G.O. of the country which I have seen in my life. Now my association with Enable India has been turned into a life-long relationship and I will always
feel honoured to work for this great organisation in the future at any time and at any stage.

At Enable India, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the passionate, hard-workers and kindness people that probably have ever existed in a workplace.

I salute Enable India and its team for its relentless mission of creating accessible environment and employment for PWD. I personally know that it is a very difficult task which Enable India is doing with such a high commitment, dedication and passion.

Thanks once again,

With Best Regards,
Saurabh Malav

Congratulations, Saurabh! Here’s wishing you all the very best!

A Message

Hi I am Prabal. I am a simple, shy and friendly person.

I come from a renowned family, consisting of four sons. I have no sisters. I grew up in Delhi and completed my education over there. I have worked in a BPO in Noida briefly.

When I entered Enable India, last year, I had some doubts about myself and my abilities. Enable India helped me to think in a different way. Gradually my inhibitions were removed and I found that there is another side to me. My daily interactions with my new friends, helped me in feeling relaxed, positive and more sensitive to those who have different abilities. In this journey, I slipped up occasionally, but with the help of the faculty at Enable India, I could recover again. The exposure that I had while doing my projects helped me in facing the world with more assurance and confidence.

My message to my new friends
I know that you will be feeling nervous when you begin your course. It is also possible that some, among you will be thinking whether you have come to the right place! However if you can manage to go through the daily activities with concentration and enthusiasm, there is every reason that you will find a new person hiding within you, just waiting to come out. I wish you the very best in your careers.

Thank you Prabal Choudhury, for that wonderful message. EnAble India wishes you all the best too!

A Letter from Tirupati

I am G. Vamshi, a visually challenged person from Tirupati, A.P. I am writing this letter to express my wholehearted gratitude towards the great organization, Enable India. I didn’t know about computers till my 25th year. Even though I started to learn basic applications like word and excel, I lacked the knowledge of internet as it required knowledge of Jaws to use internet.

In 2007, I first visited Enable India and had the pleasure of meeting people like you and Vidhya madam. It was then that Vidhya madam evaluated my computer skills and decided that I was very poor in using Jaws, though I am still not good at using Jaws. But she gave me some CDs for learning internet which was the key step in my life. With the help of those, I learnt internet, E-mail, Google search, etc.

With that knowledge, I came to know about lists like Access India through Google search and have been an active member of that list for the past one year. I gained a lot of knowledge as a result of my association in it. It was great to know about people like Rajesh, Harish, Kanchan, Subramani, Srinivasu — and had been fortunate enough to stay in touch with them.

And the more important thing I wanted to tell you was that, with all the knowledge I gained through the above mentioned process, I managed to get a job as an assistant in State Bank of India. It couldn’t have happened without the start Enable India gave me in my life.

So, for my satisfaction, I am donating half of my first month’s salary to our organization and the other half to a mentally retarded rehabiliation center in Tirupati. Now that I got a permanent source of income, I promise to contribute more frequently in whatever little manner I can to Enable India. I wish Enable India brings light in many more lives of visually challenged community.

Though I haven’t got relevant words to express my gratitude, I think I communicated what I wanted to. I swear, I am much more grateful than what you have read in this letter.

Enable India is happy and proud to be associated with Mr Vamshi’s achievements, and we thank him for allowing us to reproduce his letter here, so that it can serve as inspiration to many other candidates. All the best, Mr. Vamshi!