Mail from a Visually Impaired Candidate to Shanti Raghavan

Hello ma’am

There are lots of things to be shared with you. Unable to understand from where should I start?

Ma’am I am happy being back to home. I am finding lots of positive changes with positive attitude towards me. The way my family is treating me I’m happy to see there concerns for me now.

Biggest change I found was my self respect which I had lost in family.Cause of loosing sight. Now I am feeling like I’m gaining it back ma’am.

Last week I went all alone out in Hyderabad. I went to all the places were I used to rome alone when I was sighted ma’am. You know ma’am it was my dream to move again all alone independently, on the same path’s where I used to move alone when I was able to see.

I had lost all the hopes and never thought, I would be able to rome again independently there.I did my schooling there ma’am. The best period of my life. I am feeling like, I am living a life now what I was looking for actually. I used to thing over a period of time that, “Is it possible for me to this birth, to move alone? Can I go to relatives place as of before?

can I go for outing with friends independently? “this question was in my mind even after being in Bangalore for such along period and that to all alone. I got my answer now. “Yes! I can and I did it.” I am very happy ma’am.

I never thought my parents will allow me to go all alone. But after little argument, I was able too. It was really an adventurus day. I asked permission to my dad he refused. He went on his work. I just dressed up, told I am going and moved. ma’am my Aunty was trying to hold me, brother called to dad, another aunt was on continuous call with me. mamma was back of me on the road trying to stop me from going alone. But I didn’t listen any one. Some how I finished the day and came back. Little bit dad was upset, asked me what about your [my] safety. I explained him every thing and told I keep small and open scissor with me. If something happens I can use it and be safe.He was very happy listening that. He got feeling of like I am thinking from all. aspects. Just not doing the things foolishly.

Ma’am now you will laugh. I asked him to get me a knife which can be opened easily when ever required. Even he guided me there after how to look more on my safety bases.Apart from that ma’am previously, there was a thinking cultivated for me, what ever I am doing, is just a time pass and waste of money.

But now every one in family. especially my dad, is finding the products/accessories which is useful/helpful for me in my day today life. Day before yesterday, he was saying that, as of now you are going out alone. I heard about some mobile which guides for the way. I want it to purchase it for you,  mobile with gps service. I told him it’s better to purchase gps receiver than mobile. He told to find it out the price and from where can it be ordered. I told him I know dad. I want to purchase it after getting employed. I was really happy seeing his concerns ma’am.

I want to say you only few sentences.”I Neha Agarwal, from bottom of my heart bowing down to your feets, thanking you for changing my life ma’am.”

I love you ma’am.I really thank whole enable-india, each and every person in and around organisation to bring vast and fantastic change in my life. For building my confidence level back. For shaping and moulding my future, career and over all helping me to gain my self respect to its original.

I just cant put it in words ma’am. I was dying for the same respect and dignity which was lacking in my family. Not only in family ma’am it was no were in my own views. Which  is the most important and powerful tool to win.

Now I gained it. Just because of you and enable-india. Ma’am I really gratitude you and Shiva sir to give me chance for service management training. I had learned many things there after. July 18th 2011, a day  waiting for me to bring huge difference in my life. This was the single chance was given to me to proof my self. Here after I feel like I utilised the chance given to me and proofed that, I was waiting for a appropriate decission to be taken by my parents for me.

Now I feel that my parents are really proud of me. Only left is getting employed. I trust enable-india, they will not leave me simply without being employed. I will be soon working in a huge organisation with dignity. I ,trust enable-india, they will make me to stand me being even financially independent soon.I conclude my lengthy mail by thanking again to you Shanti ma’am for bringing me, out of my own conflicts running inside and giving me lots of love and care, encouraging me, cheering up for every small thing, lot of other things. If I try to jot it down on a piece of paper, its impossible. thanks to Dipesh sir for working with I B M  for me to be placed in. thanks to Shiva sir to give oppurtinity to join training and train me, thanks to Anju ma’am to give us life skills training which I was really  in need of, thanks to Vidya ma’am to guide me, thanks to Hema ma’am to give me chance to do project work and guide at every point and learn the things more acuratly. The most and important person is Geeta ma’am for mobility. Today I am smiling. Its because of her mobility training. Thanks a ton Geeta ma’am.

So so so happy ma’am. A small wish and request ma’am. When I will

receive my offer letter and the day I will join, I want to talk to you on call and take best wishes from you  for my future. you gave me what ever I demanded till now. So, I know, I’ll get this too. Thanks again ma’am.

According to me enable-india does: “enable-india doesn’t work only to empower person with disability.It  works for even disables lives life with dignity.” “Its incomplete, abling the disables only for living there life independently,its  complete, when abling the disables to live with respect in society, with confidence. by developing there own trust in oneself.”


EnAble India’s Children Services – Story reading session

Visually Impaired Children read the Hungry Caterpillar story and enact it

A fortnight back,  we, at children services team, had a story reading session with some of our junior students with visual impairment. 5 children with Visual Impairment, between the age 3 and 9 years read out stories from their braille books. It was so interesting to see how curious they were all to see each other’s books. Later we read the story of  “a very hungry caterpillar” also in braille. Then the children pretended to be caterpillars and ate everything that the caterpillar ate in the story. They saw the whole fruit, smelt it, felt the shape, cut/peeled them, inspected the seeds, learnt their colours and ate them up. Some caterpillars loved only junk food while the others enjoyed everything. Parents were excited too. They helped the children in learning different things about the food they ate.  It was good FUN!