Update: Autism at Work Training

Group photo of the candidates with their trainers
Candidates presented with their certificates for completion of work.

Autism at Work (AAW) has successfully completed Wave 2 training and we are proud to advise that we have placed 4 of our candidates at SAP. Some of the job profiles include software tester, technical writer etc. One of our candidates has also been given a permanent placement at SAP!

For the other 4 candidates, EnAble India has been working on skill development and looking for internships and placements. We have been working on job specific activities and tasks. Our goal is to place them in companies in accordance with their strengths and interests.

At the SAP certification ceremony, each candidate got a certificate and a shawl marking the completion of their training at SAP. It was a joyous occasion marked by the presence of the parents of all the candidates.

If you know someone who may benefit from EnAble India training, please call 080 4282 3636 or email candidateservices@enable-india.org


EnAbling through Education

Picture of candidates receiving certificate at the end of training
Candidate receiving certificate at the end of training

Throughout 2 batches of training in June, EnAble India, in conjunction with the government of Karnataka has provided training for 46 people with vision impairment, enabling them to utilise computers and open up education opportunities.

  • In this Orientation Course we were able to train 46 Candidates. All the 46 Candidates came from different district of Karnataka.
  • 53% of them are from rural District of Karnataka.
  • Out of 46 candidates five of them are looking for Employment and aspiring to work in different sectors.
  • 46 Candidates (100 %) are persons with vision impairment.
  • 100 % of the Candidates indicated that the Orientation course on Laptop Training workshop has met their expectations and wanted to increase the duration of the course in the holidays.
  • 100% of the Candidates indicated that they would like to be associated with EnAble India for further computer Training and Employment support.
  • 52 % are female and 48 % are male.
  • 100% college students felt Basic Kannada audio trainer manual is understandable and extremely useful to learn computers by themselves.
  • 100% of students felt EnAble India EYE Tool Kannada version and EnAble India spelling Tool motivates them to improve their spellings and learn and explore computers by themselves.


Group picture of visually impaired trainees
Group picture of visually impaired trainees

“This training helped me Lot. I am Visually Impaired. Please conduct computer training at North Karnataka. Kannada audio material is very understandable and helpful to learn computers on our own. Please keep duration for 30Days
Through this training I learnt Many things like Kannada typing, Reading Documents, etc. Somehow I feel that many computer topics are missing for me as well as for my friends.” – Nagaraju Nayak

“Course reminds me to practice computers always. More than one year I did not touch computers I have felt that I have forgotten. This course helps me practice the computers lot. Kannada reading and typing helps me in the future in my studies.” – Mallappa

“This course helped me realize that I need to learn more computers for my job.” – Ashwini

If you know someone who may benefit from this training, please call EnAble India on 080 6732 3636