Allegis & EnAble India partner to bring change

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Enable india is a registered charitable trust working for Economic Independence with dignity for persons with disability.

Since 1999 EnAble India has continued to grow and bring its unique approach to training and employment of people with disability.  Our passion and commitment to the cause has continued to grow along with the number of candidates trained and placed.

500 plus companies across the country, representing all sectors  of the economy have used EnAble India services to place  persons with disability.

In order to keep up with demand, EnAble India and Allegis have announced a partnership – Allegis brings years of recruitment experience & EnAble India brings its expertise in the training and placement of people with disabilities. Together we are confident of achieving great results!

Allegis Group is an $11 Billion US based company offering a full range of specialized staffing & recruiting solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. With over three decades of experience, Allegis Group is the largest private talent management firm in the world. They serve over 8,000 customers from 400 offices across the globe. In India, Allegis is located in 5 locations, allowing us to reach a greater number of candidates.

Allegis, by doing what they are best at, shall work with EnAble India on all activities leading to Employability and Learning for people with Disability.

Some of the initiatives they currently engage with us are, helping candidates build their resume, coaching & preparing candidates to attend interviews, providing technical training to skilled candidates, organizing Job Fairs & much much more.

In working together we can utilise the strength that both organisations have to offer.

Our values and our core mission remain the same: the independence and dignity of people with disability. Allegis and EnAble India are committed to the same goals.

With this partnership in place the candidates of Enable India can expect more focussed results in placement of persons with disability.

Dipesh Sutariya

CEO EnAble India


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