3 Most Popular Job Roles for Hearing Impaired

Profile picture of Vidya RaoVidya Rao – Employment Manager, EnAble India

Despite a few challenges in communication, employing hearing impaired candidates does not have to be difficult. With some planning and adjustments to the way we communicate, employing hearing impaired candidates from all backgrounds can be very easy. For most roles, a translator is required during training, and then basic signs and written communication is utilised EnAble India has had a great deal of success in finding roles for hearing impaired candidates across a number of industries.

The TOP 3 entry level job-roles:

1. BPO backend operations – Includes transaction processing, document processing, data entry, scanning & much more. Roles are often repetitive but can be very easy to learn with lesser degrees of ambiguity. Hearing impaired candidates often use this type of role to gain an understanding of how an industry or domain operates. Companies include: Accenture, Thompson Reuters, Infosys, WIPRO, Cognizant, Deutsche Bank

2. Software Testing – The key challenge is to understand how the software is intended to be used. Conducting checks on software and identifying discrepancies, bugs and relevant improvements. The role can be repetitive but also very challenging, particularly when software does not perform correctly. Companies include: Infosys, Cognizant,

3. IT Support – Receiving requests from remote clients. (IMAC = Install, Move, Add, Change). Remotely installing software, solving problems, adjusting systems. Monitoring servers and systems remotely and running checks to ensure systems can operate efficiently. Great opportunity for candidates to gain hands-on experience in the IT industry Companies include: IBM, EMC2 EnAble India is currently recruiting for training and placements.

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