EnAble India’s Children Services – Story reading session

Visually Impaired Children read the Hungry Caterpillar story and enact it

A fortnight back,  we, at children services team, had a story reading session with some of our junior students with visual impairment. 5 children with Visual Impairment, between the age 3 and 9 years read out stories from their braille books. It was so interesting to see how curious they were all to see each other’s books. Later we read the story of  “a very hungry caterpillar” also in braille. Then the children pretended to be caterpillars and ate everything that the caterpillar ate in the story. They saw the whole fruit, smelt it, felt the shape, cut/peeled them, inspected the seeds, learnt their colours and ate them up. Some caterpillars loved only junk food while the others enjoyed everything. Parents were excited too. They helped the children in learning different things about the food they ate.  It was good FUN!