Social Entrepreneurs: APPLY TO IISE!

Wherever we go around the country, people ask us “When will Enable India start up in this part of the country. When will your model be implemented here?”. We have always been stumped for an answer for a long time. We are now convinced that the best way to implement our vision is via SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS who have fire in their belly, passion and vision to match it and who are willing to persevere. Given this, it was a pleasure to visit IISE in Trivandrum recently where there were many visually impaired entrepreneurs and some sighted entrepreneurs who have gone through an 11 month course to become an entrepreneur. It was a privilege to interact with entrepreneurs from around the world – from Africa, Mongolia, China, India etc. They were very interested in replicating some of the models, methodology, curriculum built at Enable India. Many thanks to Braille Without Borders for starting such an initiative. Is there anybody out there interested in being an entrepreneur and with a vision? Are you looking for training? – APPLY NOW to IISE!

Specifically for Enable India’s vision – people who have a similar vision of economic independence and dignity for persons with disability, please do apply to IISE. Enable India will be one of the places where IISE will send interns for hands-on experience. You will hence be provided internship opportunities at our premise. APPLY NOW before it is late for 2011. Spread the word. Good luck.

Shanti Raghavan – Founder, Enable India | Ashoka Fellow