I love the team!

It is a pleasure to work with a committed and passionate staff. As a cohesive team, we achieve so much more, don’t you think? However, for a long time, I know that the team I work with is much larger than just the EnAble India staff. There is a team around the country working tirelessly for persons with disability. Some of them are known to me and most of them are unknown.

Who are they? The many specialists who have helped persons with disability attain their rehabilitation, education and more. Many folks who have done research on the disabled and from whose work we are benefiting. Many activists who are getting hurdles out of the way for persons with disability. Many NGO personnel and volunteers at the NGOs who are contributing their time. Many media personnel spreading awareness. Many persons with disability who are role models. Many parents who have worked with their child for years. And so many many more… All of us are working towards the same common goals though we may not know each other. I derive strength and inspiration from this team.

– Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Managing Trustee, EnAble India | Ashoka Fellow

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  1. hi
    i m indra mohan frm ranhi. ur organization bring ray of hope to the person who physically weak but mentally stronger n committed to work. i wish u get more success in life. GOD BLESS YOU…….

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