Euphoria from Enable India Day continues!

The Enable India Day

This was sent by Nihar Trivedi, one of our volunteers – Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Managing Trustee, EnAble India | Ashoka Fellow

An unforgettable day I have celebrated on 20th December, 2009. It was the 10th anniversary of EI and I was lucky to be part of it.

Being a volunteer for past 3 and half years for EI, I have come across many multi-talented personalities and had amount of learning for both my career and personal life, more as a human being.

On the EI day I had chance to meet all of them again and had tremendous fun, in the very well organized event by all the EI staff, student/candidates and of course volunteers.

It started with the superb musical touch and ended with the best dance performance by all the members available in that hall.

The best part of the event was equality as Shanti has mentioned in her blog. It was very well executed in the games/sports event, where all games were played and definitely enjoyed by everybody who was available there. We had HIs, VIs, PDs, participated in each game, and had equal fun for sure.

I enjoyed the “save water” game most, where people have been divided in two big queues and have been asked to pass the cup of water from 1 end to another. On the other end we had an empty bucket, in which we had to store the water and who ever could store more water in specific time limit would be declared as winner. I am damn sure in all these excitement nobody has thought of poor paper cup, it has been crushed, smashed, etc etc… but finally we saved the water, and yes for sure we had clear winners in two different rounds.

Post sports event we had lovely food served at very very very very….very lower rate and with the best best best….best quality and the taste. It was nice standing in big queue to watch all HI friends helping each other and breaking all the rules to have the yummy food. I did not mind at all and thought to join them for sure.

After the lunch break we had discussion session. It was again well arranged. Post lunch people would be less active and would like to have rest post the sports event. Second thing, due to afternoon time, we had chances of maximum crowd at that time. Hence it would be good to get more ideas, more points to discuss and the maximum feedback to improve.

Entertainment is must when you are celebrating EI day and yes we had ever talented duo singing both Kannada and Hindi songs and other two VI candidate playing instruments were superb. Skit by HIs with some running commentary by Shanti and superb dance performance by EI staff as well as VI candidates was fun.

If I will be asked to summarize, I would like to say it was the most enjoyable and the best organized event, where everybody was a chief guest. Everyone has come with enthusiasm as their gift and received fun and smile as a return gift.

Three cheers to EI… Hip hip Hullay… Hip hip Hullay… Hip Hip Hullay!!!!!!!!

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