Nothing is Impossible!

Perseverance, stubbornness, a willingness to learning, taking criticism positively, a hunger to succeed and achieve – all have led Pragathi to reach the pinnacle.

During the early days of Medical Transcription Training, she was so raw and innocent. Gradually, she grew stronger & slowly marched towards independence. At some point, she accepted Medical Transcription as her career and remained dedicated. She offered herself to be moulded. She would always apply any instruction or suggestion given and correct her errors without feeling frustrated. She developed the commitment and made use of every minute during her training.

She did very well during the OJT. She went to Hubli, her native place and tried for a job on her own. She went through four rounds of selection procedure and emerged successful. She got a job at LSI Info Tech, Hubli through her own efforts. She is the first and the only VI in that company. She has created a path for her juniors. With the help of the trainer there, she has metamorphosed into a perfect Medical Transcriptionist.

Today, she is capable of transcribing dictations of 15 doctors with 98% accuracy. Normally, atleast two years are required to reach this stage. But she has DONE IT in a span of about 5 months!

A million thanks to the trainer Mr. Ashraf, QA, LSI Info Tech who has moulded her. This would never happen without his efforts. The company had no prior knowledge about VIs, and no sensitization program had ever been conducted. Their courage and gesture too are highly commendable.

I had the privilege of watching this beautiful transformation in Pragathi. I always believe “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.” Pragathi has proved it. She has surpassed all limits. She is a perfect role model for MTVI. Three cheers to her.

MTVI is happening!

— Sujaya Ma’am