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Hi I am Prabal. I am a simple, shy and friendly person.

I come from a renowned family, consisting of four sons. I have no sisters. I grew up in Delhi and completed my education over there. I have worked in a BPO in Noida briefly.

When I entered Enable India, last year, I had some doubts about myself and my abilities. Enable India helped me to think in a different way. Gradually my inhibitions were removed and I found that there is another side to me. My daily interactions with my new friends, helped me in feeling relaxed, positive and more sensitive to those who have different abilities. In this journey, I slipped up occasionally, but with the help of the faculty at Enable India, I could recover again. The exposure that I had while doing my projects helped me in facing the world with more assurance and confidence.

My message to my new friends
I know that you will be feeling nervous when you begin your course. It is also possible that some, among you will be thinking whether you have come to the right place! However if you can manage to go through the daily activities with concentration and enthusiasm, there is every reason that you will find a new person hiding within you, just waiting to come out. I wish you the very best in your careers.

Thank you Prabal Choudhury, for that wonderful message. EnAble India wishes you all the best too!

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  1. avnblog


    Thank you for your note and congratulations that EI changed your life in a positive way. Wish you every success.

    …and yes, do spread the word around. As some one hoped on the convocation day, we need to see Enable India at every part of the world!

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