Calling for Friends of EnAble India!!

Hey, how about starting ‘Friends of Enable India’ officially! There are so many of you priceless guys out there from our alumni, well-wishers, and a string of enthusiasts who have worked with us. Let’s get blogged down and connect!

4 thoughts on “Calling for Friends of EnAble India!!

  1. Anju,

    Thanks for your call and this blog post.

    But can you throw little more about your idea? Do you mean to start something lika a mailing list or an online forum. If that’s so, I’m sure, you would be there on Volunteers of Enable India mailing list (run by Subbaiah) — oh! this reminded me, Subbaiah, can I trouble with another reminder? I’m sure, you got it what I mean:)

    Back to Anju – or did you mean that friends of EI should blog-in about their experience with EI and their thoughts?

    Look forward to hear from all of you and not just from Anju:) (Is this sentence am I writing specifically for someone?)


  2. anju

    This is a little different from ‘volunteers’. It can also be people who have NOT volunteered with us. And , yes, its about experiences, ideas, thoughts, linking us to other like-minded organisations and groups.

  3. Shankari,

    No matter if you are outsider or living out of India. Everything is quite close in today’s digital space. There are many ways that you could help EnAble India. Come on and write more about yourself and let’s figure out how you could help this great organization!

    If you want to discuss offline, either write to Enable India at or to me at and we shall be glad to take the con. forward.

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