My Experiences at Enable India

My Experiences at Enable India by Iti Rakshit

 I have been working with Enable India for the past year and a half. The experience has been an enriching eye-opener. I had no idea how many disabled people lived amongst us and how ‘able’ these disabled people really were! My typical mindset of sympathy for the challenged was transformed into respect and awe. I have learnt much from each and everyone here; right from my colleagues to every candidate. Each person adds his or her own flavour to this wonderful family. I truly admire Shanti’s amazing grit and tenacity! With her razor-sharp wit, she leaves everyone astounded at her speed and accuracy in everything she does. Mansoor I respect, for his integrity and complete dedication to Enable India. A more loyal or hardworking employee is not to be found! The organization transforms lives of persons who have lost all hope of finding their place in society. From becoming marginalized, neglected members of society they metamorphose into productive, responsible citizens. We try and help each and every candidate to overcome every hurdle and achieve their true potential! At Enable India, dreams are truly made into reality!