My experiences in Enable India.2

I Chandrakala L Palekar would like to tell about the good time I had at Enable India. I have spent 7 months at Enable India i.e. from 02/01/2007 to 08/31/2007. When I came to Enable India I had very little knowledge about computers but now I am fully confident about working in computers. In my school and college I would always wonder how I would work on computer. I had the theory knowledge but very little practical. But now I can work very efficiently in computers as anybody else does.

I became independent in many aspects like computers. I developed a mind set that can compete with others. It has boosted my confidence, as one thing which always used to worry me was my computer skills before I came to Enable India but now that problem has been solved.

At Enable India you are not just taught computer only but many things along with it. You’re taught how to work in a team, how to interact in a group, positive attitude, etc. the ways which are used are very good. You’re given real life examples, used tactile diagrams, etc.

At Enable India your disability is looked like your different ability. Your problems are taught to be your new ways to do different things. At Enable India I felt very comfortable with everybody. In my school and college I was looked different from others which didn’t matter me much but at Enable India I was as anybody else I was not that different person. Everywhere we go we get sympathy but at Enable India I got empathy. I was not told that my problem is a big thing which is mostly done but I was taught that every problem has a solution, it is just you have to find it.

At Enable India you’re not prepared for anything particularly but your main focus is how to enable for life. The name is appropriate for this organization and it has fulfilled the worth of its name.

At Enable India I was taught to be confident how to tackle different situations. The activities at Enable India have improved our overall personality. I really appreciate the efforts the people put at Enable India. At any moment I didn’t think that I am at a different place or doing a great thing because everything was so simplified to us that we didn’t feel the burden at all.

The time I spent at Enable India was so good that I didn’t know when 7 months passed by.

I made new friends and my network has also widened to a large extent and I got many people of my nature i.e. I got friends who understand my problems.

To conclude the 7 months I spent at Enable India has benefited me in a very large extent. I thank Enable India for all that it has done for me. It is too difficult to tell everything what Enable India means to me in just words as it has given a different meaning to my life. I would tell to Enable India to continue its good work in the same way and may it progress more and more.

— Chandrakala L. Palekar (a Low Vision Computer trainee from Enable India Feb-Sept. 2007 batch, now working in People Equity.