My experiences in Enable India .3

I am Sunil G. Nair coming from Bhilai,Chattisgarh. I have done MBA(Marketing), MPM(HR) in 1997. After loosing the vision, I was upset thinking about the future. I did not give up and started my business which continued for 9 years. It was surprising development when I came to know about the job opening in the industry at Bangalore. I still remember that day in my life.

I came to the garden city with lot of hopes and unfulfilled dreams. This institute gave me a platform to redevelop and enlighten myself. The first step which changed me when I COMPLETED THE MOBILITY TRAINING PROGRAM. It was unbelievable when I took up the white cane to walk on the roads. The next achievement when I started moving fingers on the computer keyboard. The whole training program till this day has been quite exciting and challenging. Today I feel proud to believe and speak on many basic concepts to my friends. The most interesting among them is sending Emails to all my near and dear ones. To share my experiences I am grateful to Enable India for providing support and confidence at all times. To add up when the training program is on the concluding days I got selected at Infosys BPO as HR executive.

To conclude the last moments of the course I am taking those beautiful memories from this place which gave me a new life.

 – Sunil G. Nair ( a blind computer Trainee, Enable India Feb.-Sep. 2007 batch, selected in Infosys,BPO