Feedback on Enable India – 8, 9

Bhavya from Picorp wrote these words when asked to give feedback about Enable
India. Picorp has supported us and we are very grateful for their support!! – Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Managing Trustee, Enable India | Ashoka Fellow

“Inspite of all the uncertainties of an upcoming organization – be it the infrastructure problems or the need for trained staff or the response of the disabled to the training, what convinced up here at picorp is the positivism that inspires Enable India that is visible in Shanthi’s hopeful mirth filled with childlike enthusiasm to work and work more facing all the odds to bring about that unknown confidence in the minds of the disabled.Enable
India is a silent revolution that dreams of an all inclusive society where nothing is excluded. This is what we believe shall empower not only the disabled, but also our nation.”

I asked one of our long standing volunteers Anitha Murthy, who is also now a member of the board to pen her thoughts. She has been with us for a very long time and we count on her for anything and everything! Here are her words which mean a lot to us: – Shanti

India is, to me, a very unique NGO. Unique because its vision is path-breaking and brings a completely new perspective to the current NGO scenario. EnAble
India is also vibrant and enterpreneurial in nature. It combines all the flair of a professional startup to the social responsibilities of an NGO, and that in itself, is highly commendable. Its uncompromising stand on quality, and its constant endeavour to go for a win-win, despite all odds (and the odds are quite considerable), is what makes it so special. No task is too little, no problem insurmountable. It is this upbeat and positive attitude that makes EnAble India achieve its objectives with such admirable success.

Hats off to the team, and to Shanti for their untiring efforts in being true EnAblers!