Feedback on Enable India – 5

This note is from Dinesh Kaushal, totally blind, programmer by profession. He has known Enable India for a long time in a personal capacity (when he was working on a low cost screen reader for the blind – SAFA under NAB-Delhi’s guidance and with me helping in project managing this for some time). He is also an interested observer and a volunteer.for Enable India – Shanti Raghavan, Founder and Managing Trustee, Enable India | Ashoka Fellow

From the time I know you and your organization (personally and or from your work), every time I have seen absolute love and passion put in to each action. I am not interested in much comparison with other organizations, but still do not fail to notice outstanding work EnableIndia is doing. and why EnableIndia is able to do outstanding work, is the love for each human being without discrimination. I have personally observed your interaction with people, and amazingly, “everyone is equal” is visible in your actions, and there is no need for elaborate speeches on that.

All of us have desire to contribute to the society in one or the other way. Some are able to do it with their actions, and yet others have to limit themselves by only helping someone who is willing and able to do it with their actions. If I get chance to contribute by my action or with financial resources, I would prefer to do it with an organization which is efficient, has passion, and top of all, treats each human being with equality and love. And I have seen all the above and others in your organization.

with good wishes.

Dinesh Kaushal,

Programmer, Code Factory