Feedback on Enable India – 3

Rufina Fernandes, CEO of NASSCOM foundation gave the following feedback about Enable India

I was fortunate to have met with Shanti last year, although we have tried to get in touch even in my previous avatar as Head of CSR in an IT company.  Shanti is a brilliant example of what I call the “Power of One” – which is the contribution starting with one individual, multiplying through the sharing of passion, enthusiasm and spirit of the cause to reach out to many many others who need the support…. Like what Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi were able to achieve in their life times. I sincerely hope that Enable India under the leadership of Shanti is able to reach greater heights in helping the people with disabilities understand and achieve their true potential.   

Shanti has inspired and motivated me to continue to focus on the cause of disability which we are doing through NASSCOM Foundation in our own little way.  We wish Enable India all the very best in everything they do and plan in the future.  We will support them always”