Feedback on Enable India – 1

Recently, I contacted many of our wellwishers (such as candidates, organizations, companies, experts) and asked them for feedback on our organization. I wanted to include their feedback in our annual report – I felt this was the best way to assess the impact of our activities so far…. Though we have felt that all our actions have been aligned to our vision of economic independence for persons with disabilities, nothing could have prepared us for the response – The response has overwhelmed us! Since we cannot publish the entire feedback of each person in the annual report, I am posting the feedback on our blog…. – Shanti Raghavan, Founder & Managing Trustee, Enable India | Ashoka Fellow 


Most international professionals in rehabilitation have an ideal, a vision of how an organization should work optimally to help clients learn and be placed in new jobs–a vision that includes not only training, but discipline, sensitivity to the employers needs, a concept of the psychology and the physical reality of the working environment, and an approach that treats employers and clients with dignity, humor and compassion. Most of us know of organizations that approach some or most of these characteristics.

But my U.S. colleagues and I unanimously agree that Enable India is one of the very few organizations we have gotten to know that offers the most efficient blend of all of these characteristics. We have seen it in action, and we have heard your most articulate presentations and international conferences. You know the employee/employer relationship. You know the biases on both sides. You are able to transmit new values to all parties. You have analysed what needs to be taught and how to individualize the teaching to the students. You know where the jobs are–and where they can be. Enable India is, to us, world class. That means, you have much to teach us in other countries. You will always have the cooperation of international professionals.– Paul Ackerman.