Larger view of life

You must have heard of the frog that used to live in a dark deep well and used to think that there was nothing else in the whole world other than it s home. My life was very similar to this. Wake up in the morning thinking about the day’s tasks ,work , deadlines , fearing what the boss would comment about my work, stress ,competition ,frustration …finally ,to realize, at the end of the day that i always fell short of my expectations. My life would start and end at my workplace , but not now!!
My visit to EnableIndia last saturday, has given me a larger view of life , I met an extraordinary set of people who are measured on a different scale altogether. People sympathise  about them, talk a few soothing words and just forget. But at EnableIndia, I saw  people who had set out to lead an independent ,dignified and happy life without any self pity and without  depressing thoughts. Some of them took  a step further and are now supporting their families. I know that some of them are more capable than i am, but dont get their fair share of respect and results ,mostly because of the lack of opportunities  and lack of exposure.

When you say that you are a specially abled person , some companies take it for granted that it s not worth hiring them ,(for the reasons only they can justify ) so their chances of employment narrow down. Sandesh (visually impaired) works on computers as easily as we do.”Once they get used to the computer , they can send about 5 to 6 mails in 2 minutes “, Subbaiah (visually impaired management trainee at Enable India) tells us , with a proud smile on his face. Met another friend, who is a graduate , but feels sorry that he did not do his graduation in English(Telugu medium) .But now he speaks English as good as you and I speak , he has learnt it in less than a month .Do you want a better example of determination and hardwork! Its a small little world ,were everyone seems to be very happy , cracking jokes , besides,working
tirelessly. Each one is inspiration personified. Their confidant eyes seem to challenge life. Surely they deserve a lot more than what they have got and the least we could do is to just help them in this process. Nothing else to be said. EnableIndia , keep  up the good work !! 
– Ranjitha.S (HP), Volunteer

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  1. Enable India! Keep up the good work. It is nice to see such a wonderful comments about EI and its staff and students. Good luck to everyone. Love and good wish to Shanti

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