Vision of Enable India

Persons with disabilities in India find it very hard to get employment. This is true especially for persons with sensory (visual and hearing) disability and mental disabilities. They are sometimes just not aware of the jobs available and nor are they prepared with the right education, skill sets or attitude. Most know little about the technical and other aids or methods they could use at the workplace to carry out a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. EnAble India educates and trains persons with disabilities and prepares them to join the mainstream workforce as confident individuals …

Organizations in the private and public sector, barring a few, are unaware that people with disabilities too form a talented and committed human resource pool and could be a part of a productive workforce. There is also little awareness about the fact that the disabled can work efficiently in a variety of functions with the help of simple technology and other assistive aids . EnAble India works towards making people with disabilities a part of every corporate hiring plan.

Families, the society at large and the government together need to create a strong supportive environment for people with disabilities to help them grow into confident , independent and productive individuals. EnAble India is committed to dispelling both sympathy and apathy and achieving this transition.